My Addiction

Posted: February 16, 2012 in Coffee, Travel

I’ve been a consumer of this stimulant since high school and I see no reason to ever stop.  Of course, I’m talking about coffee and the critical ingredient of caffeine.  I’m a huge fan of Starbucks and my family seems to keep me regularly stocked in gift cards, so I rarely spend the $2-3 per grande per day.  My morning commute includes a nice 20oz  4-shot Americano in a stainless Starbucks travel mug and I generally follow that up with an afternoon Red  Eye to get me through the remainder of the day.  I love my Starbucks app on my iPhone, it gets checked regularly when I’m on the road or anywhere, sort of a security thing for me.

I do like to try regional favorites when around the country.   In St. Louis, Kaldi Coffee is a very good producer of rich, robust coffee and roast their own beans locally.  Unfortunately, there are only a couple of outlets in the metro area, so Starbucks is the choice 99% of the time.

I’m generally not a latte guy or a frozen coffee drinker, I’ll have one of those for a dessert type of drink, not for the boost I need.  No, when I go to Starbucks I always order a Cafe Americano or Red Eye as I need mucho caffeine in a short period.  My addiction is deep and heavy and real.  If I don’t have a coffee by noon, the headache begins and the general hazy lethargy kicks in.  I’m a junkie for the caffeine!

I do order beans from Babys Coffee in Key West.  I am a fan of their blends and prices.  When I’m in KW, my days begin at 5 Brothers for a Cafe Con Leche or two and a Cuban Toast.  The best on the island actually, although I do generally get my afternoon fix at the Cuban Coffee Queen.  I will move to Key West just for the coffee and grouper, I believe!

So I had a leadership meeting with my consulting company last night after work so my smokin’ hot wife and I were not able to discuss additional travel plans to Cayo Hueso.  As I referred to yesterday, this year’s trip (if it all comes together) will involve driving the entire 1400 miles from St. Louis to Key West.  Something we’ve always wanted to do and to be honest, I’m not a big fan of airplanes anymore.  I don’t like packing things in 3.3oz bottles, I don’t like not having a pocket knife and generally don’t enjoy the accusatory eye of the TSA agents.  Driving, although a longer process, will allow me to pack as heavy as I want to, carry a couple of pocket knives if I want and even pack my 9mm if I desire.

The drive would consist of Day 1 St. Louis to Gainesville, FL.  Day 2 would be Gainesville to Key West.  Pretty darned exciting, I love road trips and this would certainly be the longest I’ve ever been on.  From what I understand, the 180+mile trip from Miami to Key West is dicey, depending on traffic, and could take up to 4 hours.  We do plan on stopping at a couple of the other islands so it should be good.  Also,we’ll be on A1A on a late Sunday morning, so that has to be better, right??  Right?

Beginning next week my current desk location at the client site is moving.  I’m being shuffled to their newest building along with about 80 other people.  Unfortunately, the new building is not equipped with wireless internet, so my laptop will be useless and therefore will make this blog much more unpredictable in terms of regularity.  We’ll see what I can work out, but I anticpate updates to be less frequent….not that it is earth-shattering or anything.

Pic of the day (I dream of hanging out here all day, every day)….

Buddy Owens' Fishwagon....MMMMmmmmm

Don’t miss Key West Lou and the Legal Hour tomorrow at 9am Island Time (EST) or 10am St. Louis time (CST).  Check him out right here:


Later Cats!

  1. Anonymous says:

    just found your blog. me and my wife too share your passion for KW. we go at least once a year……………sunny and 65 degrees In columbia,sc………….BYRDMAN

    • ScottA1A says:

      Hey Byrdman, thanks for the comment! Yeah, we’ve got Island Fever pretty darned bad but unfortunately, we’re not yet empty-nesters, so we’re stuck in St. Louis until the young ones get through high school and probably college. It won’t be ’till then that we get to finally save money for ourselves! Hang loose!


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