The Aviator and Travel Plans

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Golf, Key West, Leonardo DiCaprio, Life in General, Movies, Road Trips, Travel

As this is the second consecutive week without football, possibilities are endless for weekend activities!  This weekend included very little structure or plans.  Saturday consisted of taking the boy to the driving range to hit a few golf balls (and watching him almost throw a club out of frustration!), and dinner.  This golf situation with my son is interesting given the fact he’s highly intelligent and quite the perfectionist with a touch of OCD.  So, when one shot goes bad, he tightens up.  When two shots go bad, the fuse is lit.  When three go bad?  Well, the meltdown begins!  He’s not old enough or mature enough or experienced at golf enough to fully come to grips with the game of golf.  We, who have played for years and years understand Golf is Not a Game of Perfect (the title of a great book written by Dr. Bob Rotella) get it and understand it (although we may not like it) to some extent.  So being able to cope with 5-7 shots out of 10 not going where intended is a product of mental toughness and self-analysis.   The kid needs to read this book and realize fractions of millimeters and inches make a difference with the flight of the ball, distance covered and ball direction.  This is why pro players can win a tournament one week and totally miss the cut the following week. 

So, I ended up finishing his bucket and we headed home.  To make the evening good, we packed the family up and headed to Buffalo Wild Wings, one of our favorites!   Wings and great burgers were enjoyed along with my tall, cold Stella Artois!

Ahhhhh, a cold Stella!
Sunday we decided to head to the course.   Temps in St. Louis were in the high 40s but the sun was out, so that tells me to hit the links!  We belong to a small country club a couple miles from our house, Sherwood CC, so we decided to start slow and just walk nine holes.  A few pars and bogeys and one double-bogey later and we were good.  The kid was happy with his outcome and played pretty well.  You know, sometimes the range isn’t great for your game, as conditions are usually perfect, targets are not real and there is no other environmental situation impacting a shot.
So following golf, a nap was in order and then a great dinner.  We finished the evening watching a Leonardo DiCaprio movie based on the life of Howard Hughes called The Aviator.    What an amazing, tragic and interesting movie that was!  As usual, DiCaprio played the role in spectacular fashion and is probably one of the best actors ever.  The life and intellect of Howard Hughes is one that has been clouded by his mental illnesses and media portrayal of his later years.  Hughes was a genius.  He was an innovator and was not only a risk-taker but someone who could dream and make them come true.   From the production of never before utilized methods, Hughes created movies, circled the world in record time by plane, led TWA to being a prominent airline and many other accomplishments.  The movie was very compelling and makes me want to continue researching the life and adventures of Howard Hughes. 
As far as travel plans go, we’re getting ever closer to finalizing our Summer Road Trip from St. Louis to Key West!  Yes, 1400 miles through the deep south and the length of Florida to Cayo Hueso!  I’ve got hotels identified down and back as well as accommodations while on the island.  Now I just need to pull the trigger!   Conch Republic, here we come again!  
Have a great Monday, Cats!

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