3/4 Time

Posted: February 24, 2012 in Golf, Key West, Key West Lou, Life in General, Travel

Final arrangements are being made for a summer excursion, details to be laid out shortly.  Looks like everything is coming together just fine so we’ll be livin’ in 3/4 time for about a week in June!

Can't wait to see this!

Mucho activity, daily golf and plenty of time-consuming work have dominated this week.   I’ll only address the fun stuff and that is my son and I were able to take advantage of the mild St. Louis winter and play golf Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week at our little country club, Sherwood.  I must say we’re both making some good progress and my back is even cooperating.  A little stiff after golf so many days in a row, but I’m still working out every morning and getting some good stretching in.

So work with the driver, irons, short irons and putter are all getting better.  In fact I had either a birdie or par on the first five holes Wednesday before finally succumbing to a double-bogey.  We only were able to get in 9 holes due to clouds and a lack of sunshine, but I finished +2 for the day while the boy came in at +6.  Not bad for him.  We’ve gone through a lot with his golf game and the past year+ he has grown about 8 inches, had to get men’s clubs and has been working to adjust to them ever since.  A couple well placed lessons and he’s making some nice, solid shots.  Short game performance is tricky however.  Learning when and how to hit a bump and run with a 7-iron or when the best time is for a flop (and how to hit it effectively) are learned arts, nothing you can just do.  So developing touch and feel is something he’s struggling with.  Consistency is slowly improving for him, just not quick enough.

Trivia night tonight!  Always a good time and our team is very impressive.  We win or come in the top 3 in every contest we’ve ever had.  It helps to have a former military pilot and his wife who has been a teacher for 30 years on your team.  Both are brilliant and know things most normal people don’t.  My wife and I add some good answers and we have two younger couples (both in their mid-20s) who are able to provide answers to more current music, movies, etc..  It’s a good mix and we look forward to winning not only our entry fee back but a couple hundred to boot!

My daughter (almost 20) broke up with her boyfriend of over 2.5 years Thursday night.  She’s struggling so we told her she could come home from college again, even though it is two weeks in a row.  The three hour drive isn’t too bad but today’s Missouri winds are gusting to 30-40mph, so keeping her little Chevy Aveo on the road will be tough.  She’s very sad so she needs some ‘home’ time!

Key West Lou had a great show today, hope you caught it.  He’s correct when he says we live in a society of fruitcakes and that the GOP candidates are all whacked out….they truly are!  Hoping to make plans to meet up with Lou this summer!!!

Later Cats, enjoy the weekend!


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