Weekend Recap

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Golf, Life in General

So much stuff going on this weekend, I’ll touch on the highlights.

Friday night brought with it a Trivia Night with our normal group of smarties.  We’ve got a retired Navy & Marine pilot, three school teachers, myself (sports, travel, eccentric) and a couple other guys who do manual labor types of jobs.  We did alright, not as good as normal.  Probably because the beer wasn’t free we didn’t drink as much as we usually do.  We finished fourth, just four pts shy of the top.  Fun time had by all.

Saturday brought with it the rematch between Mizzou & Kansas.  This game was a fiasco, Mizzou had a 19-pt lead with 15 minutes left and I was shocked and dismayed regarding officating calls made (or not made) and the fact Mizzou sort of fell apart, losing the game by one point in overtime at Phog Allen Fieldhouse.  Ridiculous on many fronts but I’m glad to be leaving KU to the Big 12 while Mizzou heads to play in the SEC.

Saturday night was our yearly winter party that my company puts on.  This year they had casino table games brought in, dealers, drink waitresses, the whole Vegas thing going.  We were all given $10k in funny money and got to play all the games of chance.  I won about $1k on the blackjack table, about $500 on the craps table and then as we were leaving, I put $5k on 33black on the roulette wheel and lost it all.  No pressure, not real money, but I still have a competitive streak and hate to lose.

Sunday was golf, both on television and on the course.  The World Golf Championship made for a great event with my favorite golfer, Rory McIlroy, whipping up on Lee Westwood but then falling to Hunter Mahan.  I don’t know how these guys play 36 holes without wilting but the quality of play was surprisingly solid.

In the middle of the afternoon, my son and I headed out to play 9 holes.  Problems ensued, due mostly to the 40+ mph winds!!  Yes, I hit a PW into the wind that went about 30 yards!!  I was starting to worry that it was going to come back and hit me.  The wind effected everything from driving to putting and we did not enjoy ourselves much.  At least 5 times one of us set a ball down to putt and the wind moved it at least a foot, sometimes more.  Never again will I play when it’s that gusty.

Today my freshman son has his first tryout for the high school golf team, hence the reason we went to the course tryouts would be to play yesterday.  Hoping he puts that last round out of his head, just not sure he can handle the pressure.  We’ll see, I’m very nervous for him…trying to channel good vibes his way!

Updates to this blog have been a bit erratic lately, the new building I’m in has no WiFi connection.  I’ll post when I can!  In the meantime, dwell on this…..

Can't Wait!!

Later Cats!!


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