Golf Update

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Golf

Well, Round 2 is complete and my son’s name appeared on the callback list for Round 3!!!  Apparently he shot poorly yesterday, was terribly bummed about shooting four shots higher than the day before.  He was sure he would be cut but, low and behold, he has made it through!  Now, they play today in what will be fairly rough conditions.  Temps will be in the mid-60s but winds will be hitting 40mph with some gusts in the high-40s!!  He and I played this past Sunday in just such winds on that same course, so hopefully he will take some lessons from that experience.

He had a couple bad holes yesterday, a couple snowmen, and went from hazard to hazard as he tried to be a hero and hit the perfect shot from a less than ideal lie.  We talked last night and he understands now that it is better just to club down and punch one out to the fairway than trying to hit over/under/around trees to get closer to the green especially with a long creek that winds through those trees.  It’s better to take one shot to get yourself right than end up in a hazard again.  Hoping he heeds that advice and plays well today!!!  Very exicited and hoping for the best for this great young man!

That’s all for me today, working but my mind is focused on sending good karma to Noah on the course!!  Wish him well today!

Later Cats!




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