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Simulcast blog: is going to take the place of this blog.  Reason being, I needed a fresh start for the new goals I’m putting in place for it.  Not only with the same meaningless information be posted here, but also too will be artwork ranging from charcoal sketches to digitial prints on canvas.   Until I make the clean cut, the same posts will show up in both blogs.   Point your browsers to the new site!!

At this current client I’m assigned, working on Fridays is quite enjoyable.  In fact, it’s almost like a social event, with more deskside conversations going on than anything.  There are a mix of folks who don’t work on Fridays as they work more hours Mon-Thur, some take off Fridays and due to those factors, few impactful meetings are planned.  Generally I come in early, watch the Key West Lou Legal Hour on Konk Broadcasting at 10am EST (9am CST), make my rounds to some folks to find out the latest status’ on their projects or issues they are realizing and then off to lunch.  Almost every day lunch consists of a protein shake for me.  I try to eat small but fortified throughout the day.  Breakfast follows my morning Insanity workout and I am a tried and true oatmeal consumer.  I like to arrive home in the late afternoons with about 1200 of my alloted 1700 calories available.

So this weekend, my smokin’ hot wife and I are headed to our favorite restaurant in St. Louis, Iron Barley.  A few years ago, Food Network star Guy Fieri made a stop by this dumpy sort of high-class restaurant for his Diners,  Drive-Ins & Dives show and ever since then, getting a table has been about a two-beer wait.  Small, mismatched and just not too concerned with the decor, Iron Barley owner Tom Coghill has created a treasure in South City St. Louis.  The best dinner we’ve ever had anywhere and a description will be available tomorrow.  Beer of choice will be Cathedral Brewing’s Belgian Abbey Ale, which is hoppy, rich and tasty!

Then, tomorrow we head to Columbia, MO, home of the University of Missouri, to just mess around.  We love going to our favorite pizza place, Shakespeare’s (voted best college hangout by ABC News!) to chow down on some of the best pizza we’ve ever had.  Nothing really special about it, just a nice, tasty, chewy crust and some flavor-popping toppings.   Great beer selections also help out, although I like to start my time at Shakespeare’s with a 24-oz Pabst Blue Ribbon.  If you haven’t tried it in some time, you should, they’ve gone back to their original recipe and it is exceptional!!  Also, you will begin to see more creative commericals from Pabst Brewing as they just hired away one of the top marketing executives who used to work at Anheuser-Busch.   I believe Pabst will make a run at ecclectic, amusing and provacative ad campaigns very soon.

Be sure to check out Key West Lou coming right up in a few minutes!