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Posted: March 20, 2012 in Daydreaming, WTF?

The whole “some days you’re the statue, some days you’re the pigeon” saying certainly is true.  So many small, split-second decisions can make a day good or bad and today I’m a member of the ‘bad’ side.

Getting gas this morning, ticked that prices are where they were, I finish, pay and while leaving, I pull out and just over from me, someone else pulls out at the exact same time.  So in an attempt to keep moving and avoid a head-on, I cut my wheel a little too close and scrape my new car on those gas pump protector bars.  Yep, on the rear passenger side…red scrapes on my white car….sick…feel stupid….just a bonehead thing to do.  So I stopped, cleaned off what red paint I could but I’ve got a pretty good dent or two on the passenger side rear door toward the bottom.  Looks ugly and my ugly mood now matches.  It’s my own fault, I wasn’t truly expecting it but thought my car was smaller than it was.  Geez!!!!  %*@@!!!##!!!    Bad way to start the day.

Other than that, I’ve gotten rid of the Papa Flamethrower label.  To be honest, I don’t have time to get too worked up about politics, inflation, injustice, sports controversies, etc..  No time to pull out the flamethrower and torch everything in front of me.   So, the change to ScottA1A Warped….fits my moods and mental state much better!

I need to go daydream a while….take my mind on a walk around Key West Bight…..I’m off.