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As I’ve said before, today’s white collar world is one consisting of limited productivity, a semblance of effort with the perception of too many tasks to fit in a normal day.  As a consultant at a huge company (Fortune 20), I have been lucky to have landed in a good department with a Sr. Mgr and Sr. Director who want to do nothing but progress me into more and more responsibility.  Good and bad.

The Good:  I’ve built a good, solid relationship with the senior managers/directors here and that good-will has helped me with a couple of high-profile assignments that I’m flourishing with. 

The Bad:  Those high-profile assignments take all my friggin’ time!!!  I have no time to post to my blog, to check my fantasy basketball teams, not even any time to find a NCAA Bracket Pool!  First time in years I’ve not gotten into a big-money pool.  Probably for the best as my record isn’t too good, I’ve won exactly ONE pool in the past 20 years.  Oh, I’ve had three second place finishes and one third place so there has been some payback, but generally, I get screwed by something ridiculous.  Now I’ll just watch and hope that Kansas loses as soon as possible.  Even when I drop out of the money, as long as Kansas loses, I still feel like a winner!  Hoping for a big U of Detroit upset in the opening round!!! 🙂   If not that, I’ll be the biggest Purdue fan in the country for Rd. 2.

Just a few updates from my extended absence:  Noah, my son who just made the high school golf team (the only freshman, BTW), just shot a 41 in his 9-hole round yesterday.  He’s starting to learn more and realizing how to fix things.  Startling at such a novice level, but he’s really smart (IQ of 167!) so he has the ability to figure things out.  The golf team arrangement is going well, he’s enjoying it.

My daughter Sabrina, Noah’s twin sister, is a competitive dancer and has been for the last 11 years.  Her dance company just had a huge competition here in StL this past weekend and of her 10 dances, half were rated “platinum” and the other half were “high gold”.  Both of which were very good ratings as this group of judges only gave out 7 platinums all weekend long. 

She is trying out for the high school dance team called the “Golden Girls” that perform at halftimes of basketball and football games.  As a freshman, she is probably more seasoned and experienced than any of the returning vets.  She said her chances are good and is pretty confident about it.  Evidently her skills have intimidated a few of the dancers as three who have danced with her in small groups have quit tryouts.  Makes me sad because one of them was my son’s girlfriend!!  She said Sabrina is way too good and was as technically good as she had seen.  Made Sabrina feel good but yet she felt bad for ‘the girlfriend’. 

Key West Update:  All plans are finalized, the last week of June we’re setting a course south, following the trade winds to the island of drink and debauchery!   Probably two 12-hour days of driving will get us there and although we’re hesitant about the drive, we’re certainly looking forward to the challenge!!  Once it gets closer, I’ll reach out to Key West Lou and see if we can arrange some time at the  Chart Room (my favorite drinking establishment!!).

Be sure to check out the Key West Lou Legal Hour on Friday morning at 10am Island Time (EST) and 9am St. Louis time (CST).  He’s got some great topics on the docket, you’ll enjoy the information sharing he provides!

I’ve got to get busy, too much to do and not enough time. 

Hey, if you are interested in joining a free fantasy baseball league, check some of my past posts and find the link.  It’s fun, you’ll get to meet (virtually) new people from all over the country and it will give you some players to keep an eye on when Sportscenter is on!

Later Cats!!


It’s Free!  No pressure!  Gives you some players to watch while you’re flipping through SportsCenter!  Open to any level of expertise and a chance to meet new people with a common interest: baseball!  It’s fun and we have only one prerequisite:  that you are interesting and a bit eccentric.  This isn’t some competitive, cut-throat league, it’s one for normal people who have many more irons in the fire than just fantasy sports.   Give it a try, you may then want to be a part of our 22-yr old Fantasy Football league when it fires up in August!!

Go to:

League ID# is 86679 and the Password is scully.

Tell your friends!  It’s Yahoo so it’s free and easy.



My freshman son made the first round of cuts during yesterday’s golf team tryout!  There were 38 kids trying out and the list of callbacks is now 21 and he made it!  All good so far and the weather should cooperate this afternoon as they hit the course for another round.  The top 16 make the team with 8 each on Varsity and Jr.Varsity.  I certainly would not want him to make the Varsity team, the pressure of going up against a seasoned Jr or Sr would not be good for him, but just making JV would be amazing!!  Of course, he’s already giving us a list of stuff he’ll need if he makes it:  a rain suit, another pair of shoes, possibly a new putter, a 3-wood, more khaki slacks, long socks, a first-aid kit…..the list goes on and on.  I figure since I’m spending about #$300/month for his sister to dance competitively, I can afford to get him some junk to fill out his golf needs.  Exciting!!



 The plans have been finalized, the reservations made and the logistics of kids staying at home has been addressed!  Our trip to Key  West in June is now on the clock!!  I’ll provide details when I get a bit longer to post, but we’ll be driving it this time so apprehension and excitement are combined!  Soon I’ll be reaching out to Key West Lou to get on his calendar for  dinner and a drink.  I crave Blue Heaven so badly!!!  More to come soon!

That’s it for now, I need a protein shake!  Later Cats!