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Simulcast blog: is going to take the place of this blog.  Reason being, I needed a fresh start for the new goals I’m putting in place for it.  Not only with the same meaningless information be posted here, but also too will be artwork ranging from charcoal sketches to digitial prints on canvas.   Until I make the clean cut, the same posts will show up in both blogs.   Point your browsers to the new site!!

At this current client I’m assigned, working on Fridays is quite enjoyable.  In fact, it’s almost like a social event, with more deskside conversations going on than anything.  There are a mix of folks who don’t work on Fridays as they work more hours Mon-Thur, some take off Fridays and due to those factors, few impactful meetings are planned.  Generally I come in early, watch the Key West Lou Legal Hour on Konk Broadcasting at 10am EST (9am CST), make my rounds to some folks to find out the latest status’ on their projects or issues they are realizing and then off to lunch.  Almost every day lunch consists of a protein shake for me.  I try to eat small but fortified throughout the day.  Breakfast follows my morning Insanity workout and I am a tried and true oatmeal consumer.  I like to arrive home in the late afternoons with about 1200 of my alloted 1700 calories available.

So this weekend, my smokin’ hot wife and I are headed to our favorite restaurant in St. Louis, Iron Barley.  A few years ago, Food Network star Guy Fieri made a stop by this dumpy sort of high-class restaurant for his Diners,  Drive-Ins & Dives show and ever since then, getting a table has been about a two-beer wait.  Small, mismatched and just not too concerned with the decor, Iron Barley owner Tom Coghill has created a treasure in South City St. Louis.  The best dinner we’ve ever had anywhere and a description will be available tomorrow.  Beer of choice will be Cathedral Brewing’s Belgian Abbey Ale, which is hoppy, rich and tasty!

Then, tomorrow we head to Columbia, MO, home of the University of Missouri, to just mess around.  We love going to our favorite pizza place, Shakespeare’s (voted best college hangout by ABC News!) to chow down on some of the best pizza we’ve ever had.  Nothing really special about it, just a nice, tasty, chewy crust and some flavor-popping toppings.   Great beer selections also help out, although I like to start my time at Shakespeare’s with a 24-oz Pabst Blue Ribbon.  If you haven’t tried it in some time, you should, they’ve gone back to their original recipe and it is exceptional!!  Also, you will begin to see more creative commericals from Pabst Brewing as they just hired away one of the top marketing executives who used to work at Anheuser-Busch.   I believe Pabst will make a run at ecclectic, amusing and provacative ad campaigns very soon.

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The road crews have now treated the highways and commutes are back to a semi-normal state.  Evidently the DOT thought 1-2 inches of snow wouldn’t cause much problems for drivers yesterday.  What they didn’t factor in were the 30+ mph winds that blew snow over the roads.  Cars drove on the snow, packed it down and with temps falling all day to around 18, the stuff became sheets of ice, especially on ramps & overpasses.  Yesterday’s traffic was said to have been the worst in St. Louis in decades.  Most commutes around town take around 20-30 minutes from jsut about anywhere.  Yesterday, all highways ended up being shut down for various periods for multi-car accidents and commutes averaged over 2.5 hours.  People were livid and the director of the Missouri DOT came out, hat in hand, and admitted they dropped the ball and didn’t plan properly.

My common cold took advantage of the day at home yesterday and I feel better today even after a night of coughing and irritated throat waking me up continuously.  My Friday is fairly light with only three meetings so I should survive!

My workouts are taking a beating over the last three days however.  With the junk in my chest and raw throat, there is no way I could make it through a cardio workout.   Looking to get back on the Insanity train tomorrow!  Just missing a couple days I feel fat already and I hate that feeling.

Divisional Playoff weekend coming up and some very interesting matchups.  Here are my kisses of death to the teams I choose/want to win:

Green Bay over the NYG…..San Fran over the dirty Saints…..Baltimore over Houston…..New England over Tebow and the Broncos.   So now we’ll see what happens!

My beautiful wife and I are headed to a trivia night tonight!  My son’s high school choir has an annual fundraiser and this is it.  We, and our friends, have a very good track record at this thing as we’ve won it three of the last four years.  We have a retired Navy & Marine pilot who is brilliant and his wife is someone who is deep into movie and entertainment trivia.  We also have a younger couple who gives us a slant on newer movies, music and social things and one other couple who just gets in the way with what they think they know.  We, in the past, have been nice to them and let them put in their answers only to get burned.  This year I’ll be the jackass and tell them to stuff their answers!

Music Video of the Day:  This is one of my favorite videos and a very catchy tune….Enjoy!

Also, make sure to catch Key West Lou and his Legal Hour coming up at 9am CST/10am Island  Time or EST.  And, as always, you can find out what Lou is up to by his daily blog on his Key West travels as it’s a daily staple for me.

Have a great Friday, Cats!


Posted: January 11, 2012 in Life in General, NFL Football, Working Out

So this is the first five-day work week I’ve had for a while and I’ll tell you something…I could quickly thump the person who came up with this arrangement, meaning work 5 days and have 2 days off.  What toolbox thought that was a good balance anyway?

I’m in the middle of fighting off a common cold.  Haven’t had one for quite some time and I don’t know if it’s just because I’m older now but it seems as though things such as this have a bigger impact and make me feel worse than it used to.  I’m taking some Mucinex capsules that seem to help but the general groggy head, draining and overall spent feeling are still there.  Feel like I could just take a nap all day.

My freshman son in taking a bodybuilding class this semester.  At 14, he’s built like a spaghetti boy at almost 5’10 and 107lbs.  His class is being taught by the high school football coach who was a star running back at Purdue back in the 90s, and from the sounds of it, my boy is in the middle of a damned good class!  He’s learning all about technique, what the weight machines can do for you, how to use free weights and how to mix in agility, stretching and yoga into strength training.  I’m jealous but he’s not really liking it too much!!  I love hearing the tales of what they do every other day!

The St. Louis Rams are still without a head coach and their top choice, Jeff Fisher, still hasn’t made his decision on whether or not he’ll come here or go to Miami.  I have mixed feelings on Fisher.  On one hand, I believe he is a solid coach who could install a new mentality around here.  On the other hand, he’s a jackass who really has never won anything.  If I were him, I’d lean toward Miami but then you have to play Belichick and Rex Ryan four times per year, plus a trip to the improving Buffalo Bills.  The AFC is generally tougher than the NFC and the Rams are in a somewhat weak division (albeit the 49ers are badass).  The climate, the lifestyle and the latitude would have me headed to Miami but we’ll see.  A decision is expected soon, maybe today.

Nothing else to report.  I’m in a fog.  Here’s the Music Video of the Day…enjoy! To continue the Rob  Thomas/Matchbox Twenty vibe, here’s a great version of their hit 3AM:

Later Cats!

In another installment of True or False, more topics facing Americans today and my spin on each.

The New Hampshire Primary will indicate the GOP have found their candidate?  FALSE!  This is still a dog and pony show with too many people spouting too many unrealistic and disconnected statements on a daily basis.  I hear Jon Huntsman come out and say Romney “isn’t in touch with Americans” and Paul states Romney “wouldn’t do the work of the people”.  Really?  Do any of these pretenders really think they will actually do the ‘work of the people’?  No, they won’t, that’s an old premise, that elected officials truly care about the people who elected them.  Each and every congress person has their own agenda, mainly ensuring they become millionaires (or increase their millionaire status).  Face it, none of them really care about middle class issues.

NBC’s Brian Williams is as good a network anchor as we’ve ever seen?  TRUE!  Brian is as polished, as trustworthy and as level-headed as any news anchor ever.  Yes, there have been some good ones, David Brinkley, John Chancellor, Walter Cronkite, Edward R. Murrow, Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw…but Brian is as good, or better, than all of them.  The NBC Nightly News is must-see TV, make sure you check him out.

The NCAA will adopt a ‘+1’ format for determining a national champion?  FALSE.  Too many school presidents enjoy getting paydays associated with bowl games, so this whole thing will continue to spiral the way it is.  Last night, the system declared Alabama as national champion even though they were not good enough to win their division, not good enough to win their conference and played less games than the team they unseated as #1, LSU.  So, basically they won a popularity contest and that’s the way the NCAA football champion is crowned.  That’s fine, they’ve set a precedent, that now teams really don’t need to do anything in conference play to get appointed to the national championship game, it’s based on who voters ‘think’ is the best.   Hence, what we’ve got now.   One thing I will say about last night’s game:  Alabama’s defense is pretty darn stout.  I think there have been better defenses in college football, but not many.

Our nation’s economy has turned the corner and will now begin improving as we approach November’s election day?  FALSE!  Folks, what we’ve got going here is an empty economy built on debt-laden consumer that is being ever limited by a government that continues to roll back any kind of benefit that helps the little people.  Meanwhile, government bailouts have propped up banks & brokerage houses that didn’t miss out on handing out million dollar+ bonuses, something the middle class could only dream of.   I have a feeling the media will be trying to paint a more rosey, positive picture regarding things such as inflation, unemployment, retail sales, home building, etc., in an effort to help out the current adminstration’s reelection efforts.

So, the newly revised Insanity workouts are moving forward and some people asked for final numbers following the first 60 days.  Well, things were good, I lost 8.5lbs (basically all of my travel weight) and now all my clothes don’t fit well unfortunately.  I have a goal to lose 4 more lbs, so now that the holidays are over, that focus can get laser sharp and I’ll target Valentine’s Day to have that 4lbs off.

Big NFL games upcoming for this weekend!  Looking forward to all four.

Music Video of the Day:  From the musical genius that is Rob Thomas.  Enjoy!

Starting a new book by David Baldacci, that guy can certainly spin a tale.

Later Cats!